Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pages from the Inspiration Book

I get bored. I get uninspired. Some days I want to curl up in bed all day, pull the covers up to my chin, and never leave.

Days like these call for the Mr. Sketch scented markers, a pencil, and a blank sheet of paper. A cup of coffee, some goofy kids, and a stack of our drawings later never fails to remind me that warm weather will soon be here and life really is pretty good.

This is my standard "don't think about it doodle" only she never turns out the same. Does everyone have a reoccuring subject when they draw just for fun? Big Mister almost always has "W" birds in his. I tease him and his retort is always some comment on the amount of eyelashes my chick has.

If you are feeling uninspired, like I am, thought I'd share some pages from my inspiration notebook.

-Love cute and unique packaging. I'm also freakishly addicted to this style lately. The collage mixed with a letter..Of course, a quote thrown in.

-French words and clean graphics, a store I'm dying to use my skymiles to visit, and the texture of the frosting on the cupcake mixed with the cupcake holder.

-White/Green mixed together...nothing better. The cupcakes again, but the pink ones..oooh. I really don't even like them that much but they look so cute all dressed up.
It's Monday tomorrow, I'm bringing a red Mr. Sketch marker with me.

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Marie said...

Lovely Inspiration Book!! I really should start one of these, that is such a cool idea.
I usually draw cats when I draw for fun. They look simple with fat bellies, and I believe a 1st grader could probably draw them better than I can.... Hehe!