Thursday, November 18, 2010

October, November Life Musings.

October, November Life Musings.

It’s been a hell of a long time, so let’s see how I can pick back up. Because I’m not really into disappointment, the following will contain, as is customary, complete un-relevance to any one topic:

-It’s starting to change seasons here in the Midwest and since it’s already cold and dark before supper time, my motivation has taken on the same characteristics as the sun. Non-existent, short lived, and lacking in warmth.

Eat your heart out Emma (Glee fans, you know Emma).
This one turned out and I want to make 100 more. Here's the tutorial if you'd like to give it a shot---and here's my version below.

Completely obsessed with this shirt ever since I saw this episode: (I did die.) The bow tie reminds me of Chanel. Maybe it is.

And this, the entire ensemble:
Believe it ladies-Kmart. Say what?

And recreating this entire catalog: I mean really, why is this necklace $178??

What else?

Oh, I whipped this up the other day--there was a Liberty of London wallet at Target that I didn't buy when it was available and now I could seriously kick myself. This is not feeding the want...but

Oh, and here are our pumpkins from Halloween. Everyone was just "over" carving pumpkins ("over" being said in the sassiest teenage voice), so big Mister and I just did it anyway. I think little mister was regretting his decision to be too cool since he asked me if I needed help about 10 times and didn't leave the table the whole time.

These are also a testament to our marriage and personal styles. His is on the right--always has to pick a huge pumpkin, and elaborately carve some art. I, on the other hand, love a white pumpkin and something both easy and recognizeable to carve. A semi-twisted traditionalist and a perfectionist.

Again, random as ever. I'm off to take a class in jewelry making-with Miss Persnickety. Another great combo (sarcasm, here)--- she loves good quality metal, real pearls, and chunks of gems that I won't even begin to try to spell. Then there's me,the ghetto girl, who loves anything plastic, gaudy, rusted, or rhinestoned.

She'll probably want to kill me or at least educate me in the quality of sterling silver (again) by the end of the class...I'll share.
Tata fir now.