Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Graphic Recording: Notes on Blogging

Ever heard of "Graphic Recording"?
{These people are resident experts at it if you'd like to read more...}
I was more than mildly intrigued after I attended a meeting where the graphic recorder captured three days of notes on 2 huge pieces of paper--all in pictures. All of our sales team's thoughts and words from those 3 days were transcribed into a mural.  
My heart did a little leap to think of the possibility. The possibility that my insane doodling during meetings could actually be beneficial.
The possibility of a career I never even knew existed.
As you can imagine-- fluffy, arty, alternative "notes" are not high on the priority list in corporate offices with restricted budgets.
(It's important to note, that the year I experienced this was a fab-o year of sales for our team. The laws of business are similiar to gravity; what goes up usually must also come down.)
My little spark of "possibility" was momentarily extinguished (until I can figure out the magic ROI formula) but that didn't stop me from doodling helps me pay attention.
If you are a blogger (or want to be one),  maybe my "practice" can help you figure out what the hell to write about.
{The below is just my opinion on blogging....I make no claims to be an expert.)
I'll let you know if & when I ever get to be a real graphic recorder but In the meantime, I'll keep practicing. If you have any ideas on where to start, I'd love to hear them.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Flow, Ephemera, & Teachers

 I felt like career counseling in 1992 consisted of selecting one of 4 paths; lawyer, doctor, teacher or psychologist. I had no desire to be any of these.
 When I think about it, I often hear my dad's voice telling me, "You'd make a wonderful teacher."
Blah. I had no desire to play referee to a bunch of kids who HAD to be in my classroom. It takes a special patience to do this day in and out. Patience I don't have.
 I never took even one art class in high school--why? Because I was too busy trying to be a psychologist? Three letters for you: W.T.F.
There is some crazy freedom in creating for me; a calm in the crazy. Do others crave this? I have to believe that they do.
Remember we talked about the spirit of "Woosa" for 2013? Part of that, for me, is to help others find it. Sometime this year, I'm going to teach (Yes, Dad. Teach) an abridged art journaling class. 4 week, 1 hour sessions.
I like to plan & prepare so I started building the prototype for this class. A hodgepodge of techniques I've learned and a twist of crazy.
Zee Junk Journal---full of crap from my life.
{the inside cover -you can download & print this very bookplate here}
{the inside}
{the title page--a must}

 More on this later, but if you are intrigued, stay tuned....

Since we are talking about paper love, I have to share this very fabulous magazine I came across at church (er, Barnes & Noble) the other day...Allow me to introduce my newest favorite mag:

The quote and this graphic had me before I even opened it
 This is the first international version of this Dutch magazine--If I were an editor, THIS is exactly what I would create. The pages themselves are also a delight- they are printed on mixed media. Glossy and matte paper makes turning every page seriously fun!

Big Girl Coloring Pages; you've got to be kidding me?
Free paper!! These wrapping paper samples are full-size! Someone, pinch me!
The Table of Contents

All this paper AND talk of mindfulness? SOLD!

If you're a paper whore, this magazine is worth every penny....Plus serious material for your junk journal.