Sunday, June 27, 2010

Random. Very Random.

A few weeks ago my anal, organiz-y (she takes after my father) sister came to visit. In lieu of going to a movie, she offered (begged me, in fact) to help organize the studio. The studio had 12 square inches of floor showing, the rest had become a dumping ground for leftover Urban Market goods and projects just gone bad. I do not take after my father.

We organized and this shelf now holds every little supply I could ever need. I love to look at it.

Since I was taking pictures of the studio, thought I'd share this little find. Aren't they cute?

My inspiration board was off limits to my sissy. This is as close I can get to showing you what my brain looks like on the inside. I just work better with clutter. Where's Waldo books were made for people like us.

This weekend, I took a moment for myself. After reading this, I knew I had to take a roadtrip. The blue petticoat was seriously calling my name. The Atelier is one place I could get lost in. The best part, besides the lovely owner, is that she packages everything with love.


My blue petticoat-tissue papered and wrapped in a satin bow. I can hardly stand it-reminds me of Cinderella.

Some vintage beads in a glassine bag again with the ribbon treatment. I don't even want to open the bag.

A hand stamped spoon, packed in a cream nest of tissue paper guessed it, a bow. Cream and black, another color combination that I can never pass up.

These little spoons are directly from Paris--are you kidding? They are so cute. Like the size of my ring finger cute. I don't know if they're baby spoons or sugar spoons, but wrapped in a pink bow...I hardly care.

I didn't take a picture of the card, (you can see it in the above photo) but it struck something in me.
It says....
"Once she had her first taste of cotton candy, she was never quite the same."
It all makes sense now.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where are you?

I'm here. I am. Just immersed in my little corner of the world. The laundry may go undone but there is ALWAYS time to make something.

A few weeks ago, I took a jewelry class at a bead store in the area. There has never been a single iota of desire in me to create jewelry. That is, until I learned about resin.

Just a few samples we made in class. Now nothing is safe from being frozen in the crystal liquid.

If I could put little miss and mister in resin, I would. See the cupcake "non pareils"- I want to eat it.

They have these 2" bottlecaps at the bead store. I love the size and the possibilities are endless, don't you think?

Since resin crafting is a considerable time commitment, I also look for quickie projects to relax. Some people drink after a long day, some veg out in front of the tv-I glitter wooden beads.

The tutorial for this is here--along with lots of freebie graphics. Cathe is a crafting fairy.

Sometimes just looking at something can make you happy. Case in point, these little pieces of plastic send me to a very happy place.

Vintage stacking flowers..Get yours here. Or here.

Get to your happy place. now.