Sunday, August 12, 2012

Art Journalista Full Tilt Boogie-ing

I believe I have found my happy place--full of scrappy paper, markers, and books. I believe I am thoroughly and untterly addicted to creating and filling Art Journals. It's like the messy hair version of scrapbooking (of which I've never been a fan).

Obsessed with  doodling, drawing, thinking, and creating, I have found my place. If you need an island of creative peace..I'll share a few "boats" to get you there.

Art Journalista E-Workshop: The bottom journal is this photo is made from this class. Using an old magazine, and bound with just glue this journal's pages are BIG. A challenge for me sometimes to work in, but a great size when inspiration hits.

Like this page founded on the outfit of the day. A full size doodle fits perfectly.

Found & Bound E-Workshop: This was the very first class I ever took. (By my talented girl again.) This journal uses a composition notebook and the binding is sewn. I really like the size of this one. I've almost filled it--a few pages from here:

(BTW, have you heard of the Fire Starter Sessions? A great book if you're struggling in limbo of your career life. I'm still there, but this book is full of good words. See photo on the right--inspired by this book.)

Full-Tilt Boogie: This has been the best workshop. She teaches a ton of different types. The two other journals in the above photo are from this class (and that's only one sewn binding she teaches.) If you are a paper hoarder, these are great to use up that stash. (I love the way Maryanne teaches--no kinda girl.) At first, after I made her journals, I was disappointed that she didn't teach specific pages. But then, I found that doing it my way was wayyy liberating. (I'll share some pages from my first Full-Tilt journal another day.) There is something very therapeutic about just gluing bits and pieces. The pages create themselves--it's amazing really.

And here's an every Thursday page tutorial if you need some inspiration:  Every Day is a Holiday.

More later, after I unstick myself from this keyboard. (My fingers are so full of glue and paint right now.)

Do your art. Now.