Sunday, June 28, 2009

22 Days Since the Last Time

Ok, I's been 22 days (what!?) since my last post and I apologize..bad, bad, blogger. I've been completely preoccupied with the shop, with the value exchanges going on in my life, with finding the perfect merchandise, with being the perfect mother, with trying to balance all of these priorities.

You've read it here before, but when I feel overwhelmed-I stop working. I shut down.I do nothing. This includes blogging with a shitty attitude.

I'm better today-I started small and just did the tasks. Amazing how one step at a time really works. Do they have AA for anxiety? I'd be a perfect candidate.

The market really has three purposes- two of which we are delivering on; offering trendy, affordable goods and supporting independant artists.

The 3rd and most important but sadly the most overlooked is; to find and feed what is inside us.

We are all creative on some level-the Market should be a place of inspiration. A place to feel some excitement to create. To create something, anything.

The supplies to create something concrete are there but somehow they just don't fit. They don't make sense. Making sense out of this area is #26 on the list of to-do's.

I'll start small (like here).

1. letter d, 2. Paper Pulp Letters with Sewing Pattern Decoupage-6 Letter Word, 3. CTMH Black & White Letters for My Craft Room, 4. Paper Mache Letters, 5. Altered DREAM Letters, 6. 7/365 - Love

The Urban Market sells papier mache letters. They beg to be made into something-to be altered, to be customized. They are literally $2/a piece. $2 art? Are you kidding?

I haven't had the time to make any examples so I found some help from some Flickr elves who get it. The above artistas can offer some "Letter" inspiration.

Image from Miss Minnie via Fat & Sassy

Ironic, as I was pondering this post, that I ran across a tutorial from another insanely talented blogger who has layed out a step by step how-to for these $2 fabulous finds.

Get going, make something.

I'll leave you with this thought... Step #1 for Anxiety Anonymous members-good advice for everyone else.

1. mouthwash

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Little Art History and Shop Lessons

The shop is open this weekend and I know I said I wouldn't have time to post but I am here by myself on a cold, rainy, Saturday and would look really funny talking to myself.

I carry these Paloma's Nest bracelets.

One in particular has this quote, "Tree of hope, keep firm." -Frida Kahlo

I am not an art history major or a connoisseur of fine art. I wouldn't be able to discern the difference between an authentic Picasso or a good reproduction. I do know the basic contributors; van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, and even Frida and could recognize the most popular painting by each if someone handed me flash cards. I think most of us could, right?

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who generally painted self-portraits of herself in various surreal landscapes. An example above--probably most easily distinguished by the unibrowed lady in almost all her paintings.She died in 1954.

So how do the Paloma bracelet and Ms. Kahlo create an interesting story?

A customer was browsing in the shop, and stopped at the jewelry counter. She picked up the above mentioned bracelet and asked me, "What do you know about this bracelet?"

My reply was a Paloma's Nest plug. She said, "No, what about this Frida Kahlo?". I answered in my limited knowledge that Frida was a Mexican artist and tried to get her to recall a painting by mentioning the unibrow reference.

She looked at me and this is what she said,

"Are you sure because my grandma's name is Frida, and has the same last name only spelled differently? Huh, that's weird."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure." was my reply.

************************************************************************************ The other lesson this weekend was not so much a lesson but necessary to clear up any misconceptions.

So, I have these charm bracelets for sale. They are chunky, busy, vintage trinket bracelets. This one in particular is themed , "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Looks similair to the below only Audrey Hepburn's photos replace Marie's.

A pre-teen girl was lusting after it. "How much for this?" her mom asks. We check the price on the bottom of the box. Her mom says to her, " You'd have to wear it every day to make it worth your while. "

Ok, mom isn't going to fork her cash over. I get it-little Miss does this same thing to me. I tell her to get a job and she can buy whatever she wants.

They proceed to browse.

I hear the little lady ask mom again for her bracelet.

I overhear Mom whisper, "Offer her $20 dollars.But you do it-you have to learn."

My eardrums started to bleed so I didn't hear the remaider of the conversation.

I felt compelled to run in circles screaming--"This is not a garage sale! I repeat, this is not a garage sale!"

I swear if anyone honestly would try to barter with me, I would have to physically clamp by hand over my mouth. Even now, I have no idea what would come out of my mouth.

Boy, I'm getting an education running this place.