Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling Old? Don't Read Any Further.

I think we receive moments, glimpses of perspective, flickers of our lives as they progress. There are moments of sheer joy, utter contentment, ahas, sadness, grief, loss, confusion, etc.. yada yada.

They really all mean one thing and that is simply, Life goes on. It continues to happen, with or without your buy-in or approval.

When you stop and take note of a moment, when you recognize it for what is, when you twirl it around your subconscious- this is when those moments can equate to either growth or acceptance.

Not profound, but I’m confessing. Sometimes I take my life for granted.
I’ve received a few moments in the last few days that have hit me that my life is continuing and I might have missed some time somewhere.

At the job I do for money, things are always changing. People leave the company, people get hired. The job pool is full of college graduates looking for work. They often end up here. Their ages never meant anything to me-they became my peers, my co-workers and that was that.
Until, that is, this past week, when I received the moments. Two to be exact-same context for both.)

The conversation went something like this;
Newbie, “ You own a boutique? Cool. I’ll have to ask you for ideas for my 16 year old sister’s birthday.”
Me,” Yeah, I’m pretty familiar with that age. My daughter is 16.”

Little Miss

Now, just when did I become the “mom”? My own little sister was 16 once and it seems like yesterday.

Sister and I

The other was a reference from another newbie-her little brother’s age-12.
So at the same time her mom brought her brother home from the hospital, we added Little Mister to our family.

Little Mister

This morning I hear this list on the radio:
The list consists of how new college students see the world.

The two that really did me in were:
- According to the list, most students entering college this fall were born in 1991.
(1991 was one of the best and most carefree years of my life. I can’t fathom that these kids were just babies when I was trying to look cool with a pack of Salem Lights.)

- They have never had to "shake down" an oral thermometer. (What? I mean this is one gesture that we all copied from our moms. You play house, dolly is sick, you shake the thermometer to take her temperature.)

I’m reduced to sharing “When I was young…” declarations with my own children.
My parents are old in the same way I’ll always be old to my children. It’s all relative.

The best we can hope for then, is to keep our spirits young. I feel like the same 17 year old just with a mortgage, a few added responsibilities, and a different perspective.

So, I’ll continue to take my kid’s temperature “old school”, complete with “shaking it down”-they’ll be able to amaze their friends with the “vintage” technology their mom taught them. I might still be cool. (or whatever the word is these days.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obsessed..or is it possessed?

Once a month or so, an idea (or in this case, a little inspiration) grips the right most quadrant of my brain and hangs on for dear life until I actually do the thing.

In this case, I purchased the new issue of "Sommerset Home" (I wait for this magazine, can you believe it? The Barnes and Noble guy waves me over when he sees me to let me know that it's here. Sick. Yes.)

Anna Corba has an article on cakeplates that she makes. Forget it, I was done. Nothing but the quest for supplies to create my own went through my head. I made two as you can see here. The shop will benefit from some handmade display.

I also wanted to make some shoe clips from artificial flowers. So, I dug through my stash of bling and found some mates to help glam these babies up.

ooh, my Target sandals from last year look so pretty..

And even theses plain pumps, (notice the DSW clearance sticker still in the sole-jeesh? I must pay more attention..

At least, I can think about something else again. Like damn, my studio needs to be organized.