Sunday, April 1, 2012

Breathe, Focus, Pray, & Color (a ripped off title from Pinterest)

Sundays usually remind me that Monday is tomorrow.
And Mondays remind that I haven't done a thing to stop the dread.
{For the record, I'm officially tired of wasting my life waiting for Fridays.}

No new revelations today. Just sharing the ladies that keep creeping out of me.

This shirt is at the shop and from the minute I saw it, I wanted to draw it.

We also got in a slew of new bejeweled hair clippies and the packaging was less than Stash worthy. This card allows the clippy to sit in her "hair" and if you ask my packaging junkie brain, "Why, yes, I'll take one in every color."

After Letter Whimsy 1.0 AND 2.0 classes, I lettered (and doodled) this as a thank you to the artist.
Those classes were serious therapy for this caged (er, cubed) sales analyst.
{Her class is still available if you need a brain break.}

This one is also a "work in progress" packaging lady for the shop..

Is there a Fortune 500 company out there that needs a doodler on staff?

{Just for the sake of giving credit where it is due...the pinterest pin that inspired this post's title.}