Thursday, July 24, 2008


In an effort to be more aware;

1.) I noted today that someone has worn the same pair of pants each day for 2 weeks in a row. This statement would only be bitchy if I made some sort of catty comment-I’ll refrain since I have no other connection to this person other than my observation. A collection of pants might not be high on her list of necessities.

2.) I also was aware that between the hours of 10:36 and 11:45, the same person loudly cleared his throat 14 times. Update at 5:00 (29 times.)

3.) Yes, I read my horoscope daily. I’ll use the awareness angle that there are alternate sources of divine intervention and I’m not one to discriminate.

(The above comments may feel contrary to the “discriminate statement”. I’m really ok with people who have scratchy throats and those who choose to be unbothered by clothing rotation. I secretly wish I was more comfortable with these facets of my own life.)

Today’s wisdom:
GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Maybe you're not totally ready for a venture. But it's probably too late to go back, so you may as well go forward. The universe is your momma bird, energetically nudging you out of the nest.

(Illustrated by Gumball Grenade..find it here.)

“HELLO!!!”, she says with relief and heavy sarcastic undertones.

4.) Be aware that there are online retailers who actually give a rip. Despite the bad “customer service” rap, here’s a tale:

I ordered a birthday present online yesterday at NOON, I received the item TODAY at 10 a.m. The best part, besides the lightning speed of its arrival, the site offered FREE SHIPPING. Not just FREE to get the damn things to me (and to me via OVERNIGHT when I hadn’t paid for it), but FREE for me to return them should little Miss not like them. Is this not world-class?? In fact, I think this is “Fairy-topia” in the shipping world.

5.) Be aware that there is a substantial reason for each person and thing to be in your life.

I received this fantastic, right-up-my-alley, perfect belated birthday present yesterday from the Possibility family. I love it when people really know you and what you’ll like.
This is no ordinary bracelet. This tiny piece of jewelry embodies the essence of; hope, rehabilitation, possibility (go figure), and change PLUS style, uniqueness, and recycled material. She had no idea (or maybe she did), but I really love this!!

6.) Realize that some people need “in your face” proof to believe things.
7.) Marketing tactics work for a reason.
I read another blog in preparation for the big “nest exit” (see my horoscope above)., the maker of this perfect present, is a great example of telling a story to sell a product.

I’m patiently waiting for the arrival of the piece #2.

I’m a sucker for a story, good packaging, and something handmade.

I’m quite sure Eckhart did not mean for us to hone this type of awareness. But, I figure, if it pauses the continuous loop of the serenity prayer going through my head, then any type of awareness can be beneficial.

Noticing = Living.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bad, Bad, Blogger

I've been terrible lately at this blogging gig.... I love summers but it feels like we, midwesterners, cram too many activities into this short season.

We spend 5 months out of the year holed up in our houses and then when the sun starts to shine and the grass turns green, well, we plan like we'll never see the sun again. Parties and picnics and get-togethers,oh my!

My list of to-dos is getting longer and longer since all I really want to do is sit on the deck and watch the sunset. I need to organize the studio in a bad way, get going so I'm ready to debut the "test" merchandise for The Market, call a good friend and catch up, and do some serious laundry. Mrs. Possibility would tell me to just be and the stuff will get done in good time.

We have a rule in our house-the little dogs can not be on the furniture. (Also noted that I need to add straighten up living room to my to-do list) . Look closely on the left hand side of the couch, Little Kitty (I swear this dog was a cat in a former life, he pounces.), does not listen well nor does he follow the rules.

I swear this is what the "dog days of summer means".

So I'm going to take my lesson from my furry friends. Skip the rules today and get comfy.