Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Journalista Shares

Still visual journaling--or trying to every day. This stuff is like my very own version of crack--I've got 2 pages left in this one. If you're trying to start, I'll share with you some journal ideas (and how they look in my little book.)

1.) Doodle over a black and white photo. Color parts of it in.
(You can find this exact photo right here.)
I used a favorite quote by Nelson Mandela..It begins, "Your playing small does not serve the world."

2.) Make a 2 page vertical spread. Another B&W and a Martha Beck-ism we've talked about before.

3.) Try some calligraphy.
I've been obssessed with learning it. I love this page too for another reason. I made a run to Office Max and found oodles of paper to use in my journaling. This paper is a page from a kids "learn to write" notebook. I brought my stash to the checkout and the clerk asked me, "Are you an art teacher?" No, just a paper hoarder.

4.) Draw what you ate today. Try replicating the font from the packaging.

5.) Journal one of your own life Aha moments.
I use this mantra to make decisions all the time.

6.) Draw what you wore today. This is a standard for me. I love to create outfits and then document how they make me feel, where I got the pieces and why I chose them. 

7.) Use those paper bits you've been hoarding. I ordered free samples from here just because they were pretty and used them to create a spread.
And just because I can't stop practicing, here's another quote from my stash:

If you've been the statue for awhile, break out your supplies and start drawing. You'll feel better in 2 minutes.