Thursday, November 8, 2012

Current Life Playlist

Sense a theme, do ya?

Another list? This is what I do when I find myself paralyzed by too much to do. I make lists, remind myself of the good things. Check them off.

Plus, I forgot how much music can be a positive mood enhancer (and transporter back in time.)

Give me a Steve Miller Band song and the smell of a leather jacket and hello, 17.

There are 10 songs I keep listening to when I should be "digging" in, instead I'm somewhere else entirely; wishing, remembering, plotting, and NOT digging in.

If you're here, too--and you share a love of singing at the top of your lungs-here it goes:

1. "Blessed" Brett Dennen
2. "Making Memories of Us" Keith Urban
3."Heavenly Day" Patty Griffin
4. "Ain't No Reason" Brett Dennen
5."Feels Like Home" Melissa Etheridge & Josh Kelley
6." Only Hope" Mandy Moore
7. "Fields of Gold" Eva Cassidy
8."Better Life" Keith Urban
9. "Free" Zac Brown Band
10. "The Sunshine Song" Jason Mraz

Big Mister and I just celebrated 17 years of marriage--- and we are adjusting to the fact that our nest will be empty soon. Our youngest finds us the least interesting people he's ever met so chooses any other option than spending his free time with us and his sister is on her second year of college life.

(So, to that, Big Mr. #8 & #9 remind me of you.)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Virtual Book Club

I'm thrilled there is a name for this madness: Bibliophile.Good. (bordering on Bibliomania.Bad.)

I analyze sales numbers and create financial stories at my big girl job. If you can't use your skills in real life what are they good for, right?

If I were to recap my current purchases to income ratio of books, 83.6% of my expendable income (this could be called my share of wallet) can be attributed to paper. Of this 83.6 %, 90.5% can be attributed to books. (The other is another little addiction I have--you've seen it here, and here. But still paper.)

I only wish that there was a way to ascertain the "really good" factor before I purchase. Only about 43% of my purchases can be labeled as a "re-read". Sometimes, you just can't trust the reviews; everything is "Stupendous! A must read!"  Yeah right. 

Because when I get into a book, I do NOTHING else. Laundry piles up, husband gets neglected, dinner choices reduce...and then I finish and am ticked because I wasted my life reading a not-so-good book that was supposed to have changed the literary world.

This darkness at 5 o'clock stuff makes me want to put on my pajamas the minute I get home and crawl into bed and read. Tis the season, I say.

So in my humble opinion: the list 'o books that will not leave you feeling unsatisfied. The books from my library that have the spines cracked and creased so much that they are barely legible.

{Whenever I read this, the visual of Delores's grandma's house is in my own grandmother's hood.}

{I love the culture shock of this novel, the imagery is raw, and the story is twisted, ugly, and incredibly entertaining.}

{Another coming of age--now that I look @ this list, seems that I like these types of books.}

{Maya sure can spin a story.}

Anything by Amy Tan; The Kitchen God's Wife, The Joy Luck Club, The Bonesetter's Daughter
I love her voice--the way she writes rolling you backwards and forewards to weave her stories. They always include heavily accented English, and leaves you feeling a weird desire to offer something up to a god.

Anything by the real VC Andrews--skip anything after she died. Her ghost writer could never quite replicate the darkness. My personal favorite is the Casteel series.

"The Prince of Tides" Pat Conroy-a movie I've never seen but I love the book

"Sophie's Choice" William Styron-another movie I've never seen, but love the book

I'm currently reading....
"Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking" Susan Cain
"Tell the Wolves I'm Home" Carol Rifka Brunt

I'm crossing my fingers these can go on the list. Or there's going to be a ton of undone laundry and one needy husband in this house.