Saturday, December 28, 2013

An Homage to the Woosa Work

I'm officially on Art Journal #8 but the truth is, I think I've been cutting out paper and saving it in one way, shape, or form for my whole life.

As 2013 ends, I was paging through these books filled with glue and paint and took photos of my favorite pages. 
You've seen some of these if you follow me on instagram's an "homage" to my woosa work for the year. 

A link to the video if you can't see anything; HERE.

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Music by "Commes Des Enfants", Couer de Pirate

Friday, December 20, 2013

Work isn't so bad when you're on vacation...

One of my favorite parts about the year and this big girl gig are the weeks between Christmas and the New Year. I've hoarded vacation time to do this; NOTHING.

I'm a huge fan of home, so I use this time to hang, not comb my hair, and just relax. And I'm using my first day, to blog.

There are always so many ideas in my head and never enough time to do them, but this year I made it a priority to doodle. I even had the pleasure of doodling people I love, (and some that I don't even know.) for their Christmas greetings. Thought I'd share some...

It all started with us...

And then, we were on a roll... 

I'd like to formally thank those families who entrusted their family likeness to my pencil and me, the wanna-be illustrator with dirty messy hair whom, at this very moment, is still in her jammies. (Mission accomplished!) 

Here's to remembering what's really important (each other), big dreams, sharpened pencils, and love. 
Merry Christmas!