Friday, March 29, 2013

Jacked up on Coffee & A Day Off

Procrastination in my gig--there are a few preferred methods, but the old doodle bug makes the top 10 list of ways to NOT do the laundry.

I'm on a PTO today (a glorious day of paid time off) and after I've consumed an entire pot of coffee  and read through my blogroll, naturally, the only thing left to do was draw.

(Really? The 1/4" inch of milk in the frig was maybe a good indicator that the grocery store may be more of a priority today but hell, no one is starving in this house.)

I doodled my sister's family to give them for a housewarming gift: I don't cook well so art vs. a casserole is a NO-BRAINER.
And then, well, I was on a roll:
The library is my own personal nirvana. Books are the ticket to paradise--I can think of only a few things better than curling up on a cloudy Sunday with a good book. This doodle is destined for more, but the idea is still percolating.

Random Thought #2

This week at work we had a "Creating Your Legacy" workshop. I tried to keep an open mind, but it was slammed shut after:

 a.) listening to a panelists of "leaders" talk about their jobs. My job and what I leave this world, do not co-exist--other than financially and in a lesson to those after me to please listsen, "Do NOT do anything JUST for money."
 b.) then we were asked to volunteer to share our work.

And this girl is, Done.

I take this self-reflection crap seriously and frankly, an introspective exercise should not be made into a group project if you want to do it right.

But, I was reminded that these books I'm filling up with my thoughts/words, might just be considered something of a legacy.

Nice. I've left random thoughts & partial pages. Your "mom/grandma/great grandma" is not a fan of mass gatherings. Your "dad/grandpa/great grandpa" is a smartass.

Your "mom/grandma/ great grandma" hates her hair, nuetral clothing colors, and being cold.

& Your "mom/grandma/ great grandma" considers self-inflicted violence to deal with irritation.

Yep, nice. Really nice legacy.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"If I don't do something creative, my head might explode."

Tuesday. (Again. )
Although class is over, still sketching.
(And listening to the Miss Rebekah playlist, the one that shuts down any negativity--it IS Tired Tuesday, you know.)

This one was a happy accident: Papermate felt tip black marker + water--I love the streak-y-ness.

And sketching some more..

And then playing to make poster art...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Playing Fashion Illustrator-Part Duex

We already talked about the skillshare class I'm taking here. Well, forget the sketching peeps, this watercoloring is addicting. (Surprise. Surprise.)
I bought myself a big girl set of watercolors (pretty affordable big girl set) on Katie's recommendation and the difference from my cheapy set is night and day.
As promised, here's the colored versions:

Valentino 2013: This first one is really what the class was about. Quickly sketching, not worrying about the body, and letting the dress speak for itself.

Pinterest Fav: What I Wish I Wore Board
Cray, Cray Zoe: Her outfit is inspired here. This one is my favorite.
 Erdem Spring 2013- here.

The beautiful thing is I can practice the painting in the zee journal. 2 of my current favorite things to do--or should I say, 2 more ways to prevent laundry completion.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Playing Fashion Illustrator

Have you heard of "Skillshare"?  If you love to learn (another obsession over here), this site offers classes on every subject from just about anyone who wants to teach, for a mere $20.

I'm currently enrolled in this class taught by a favorite blog illustrator.
This is hers from her blog, PaperFashion

Guess what we're learning (or in my case, simply experimenting with)? I've learned thus far:
 1.)This style of drawing isn't really in my wheelhouse. I don't like to sketch lightly, and I like details. Fashion illustration is about the clothes--drawn quickly, with a light hand.
We haven't painted yet, but I've been sketching.
Here's my inspiration runway photo (and my pinterest inspiration board):
Pinned Image
I love the colors, textures, & silhouettes of almost all of these dresses.
So, I sketched Katie's way..
And then I tried it my way:
And then I tried it again with this inspiration:
Pinned Image
And I really did it my way--geekery and all..
and Yep, Zoe did go a little cray. cray.
Painting lesson is next week, so I'll share color when I'm done.
(And keep practicing, and practicing, and practicing..........)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pattern Play: Journal Inspiration

First, I always, always, forget this. (Does journaling help with memory loss?)
Second,if the music doesn't work (or if it inspires you), something I do when I need to create and just am lacking inspiration is to replicate something.
In the below instances, I ordered a scrap bag of vintage wallpaper on Etsy awhile ago, and sifting through them, I was inspired to try copying the patterns, substituting colors that I love. Bring on the paint....
The left side is the actual wallpaper sample, the right is my doodle.

Forgot the actual, but you get the drift..
I think it would be fun to paint a large canvas with a pattern ---maybe I'll put that on the to-do list.

Oh, and if you don't know what a "kiki" is--you don't watch Glee, do you? Plus I'm completely inspired by SJP's dress.(You can see it here.)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Steve Jobs: The Notes

 The man left a legacy & I can't help myself from watching his Youtube speech over & over again. I'm updating my resume simply because it's on my list of 2013 "Woosa" to-dos. Makes me feel more ready when the "right" opportunity unfolds--gives me the sense that I am in control (dang control freak tendencies).
Plus, I think updating it regularly is probably a good habit to get into.
Job's words give me hope of dots connecting, and patience. I created myself some notes & slipped it into my junk journal--no forgetting that to be great, you must have some courage. (Plus, I really like to practice graphic note taking..)