Thursday, March 14, 2013

Playing Fashion Illustrator

Have you heard of "Skillshare"?  If you love to learn (another obsession over here), this site offers classes on every subject from just about anyone who wants to teach, for a mere $20.

I'm currently enrolled in this class taught by a favorite blog illustrator.
This is hers from her blog, PaperFashion

Guess what we're learning (or in my case, simply experimenting with)? I've learned thus far:
 1.)This style of drawing isn't really in my wheelhouse. I don't like to sketch lightly, and I like details. Fashion illustration is about the clothes--drawn quickly, with a light hand.
We haven't painted yet, but I've been sketching.
Here's my inspiration runway photo (and my pinterest inspiration board):
Pinned Image
I love the colors, textures, & silhouettes of almost all of these dresses.
So, I sketched Katie's way..
And then I tried it my way:
And then I tried it again with this inspiration:
Pinned Image
And I really did it my way--geekery and all..
and Yep, Zoe did go a little cray. cray.
Painting lesson is next week, so I'll share color when I'm done.
(And keep practicing, and practicing, and practicing..........)

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