Monday, March 18, 2013

Playing Fashion Illustrator-Part Duex

We already talked about the skillshare class I'm taking here. Well, forget the sketching peeps, this watercoloring is addicting. (Surprise. Surprise.)
I bought myself a big girl set of watercolors (pretty affordable big girl set) on Katie's recommendation and the difference from my cheapy set is night and day.
As promised, here's the colored versions:

Valentino 2013: This first one is really what the class was about. Quickly sketching, not worrying about the body, and letting the dress speak for itself.

Pinterest Fav: What I Wish I Wore Board
Cray, Cray Zoe: Her outfit is inspired here. This one is my favorite.
 Erdem Spring 2013- here.

The beautiful thing is I can practice the painting in the zee journal. 2 of my current favorite things to do--or should I say, 2 more ways to prevent laundry completion.