Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chapter 4 Reflections

I've read Eckhart Toile's "A New Earth" and now I've been listening to the podcasts whenever I have a free moment to multi-task.

I took notes on Chapter 4-I have 5 post-it notes scribbled with statements that meant something to me in the course of the conversations.

I have asked life (repeatedly-like every 30 minutes) to show me what it wants from me. My ego is so completely annoyed at the waiting game. I have learned that sometimes, when the AHA moment occurs, the moment when you realize why this, that sometimes it isn’t exactly as I had planned. So enjoying today and waiting for tomorrow become this ridiculous push/pull melodrama in my head. I want to know there is an end to this waiting and confusion, that life is trying to teach me something, so I can take two steps ahead and pass go. But I find I’m wasting each day wondering when and how long it will take me to get there. I should lie down on the square, look up and just be ok with it.

Here are my scribbles:

-Human is FORM-Being is FORMLESS. Human alone is never enough.

-“His desire to win drains him of his power.”

-You don’t live your life, your life lives you.

-Life is the dancer, we are the dance.

-It is the totality of the essence of all life form.

-Energy can not be destroyed, just transformed.

-Every human being has to endure a certain amount of suffering.

-It is suffering which drives you deeper.

-Pets are guardians of being.

-Ego at play is when you feel a sense of superiority OR inferiority.

-Whatever you fight, strengthens. Whatever you resist, persists.