Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The last 6 weeks..

A whirlwind. Somewhere between April and now, I've realized that a.) I haven't posted here in like forever and b.) I've turned 40. 

40 is supposed to be a big deal but if truth be told, I feel like a surer version of 22 year old me. Only 22 me didn't have these random chin hairs....and 22 me didn't google "brain food" because I can't spit out a coherent sentence. (Btw, Celery, blueberries, & almonds).

My sabbatical went way too fast...I'm not even sure that I got in the groove until week 3. I'm back at work these days determined to just breathe and trust that my life dots are connecting.(easier said then done.)

In the meantime, I'll just keep doing what I do. 

An art-y pictorial recap of the last 6 weeks..

Me. As a fox.  On a Monday.
Wall art week.
Printed my illustration on fabric: I've called this series, "mama propaganda."

My hyper lush pencil case.

Dang Mary Oliver and her truth. That's me practicing calligraphy.

This 17 year old makes my day. 
Sewing my junk finds into something useful. ( I am obsessed with yarn tassels.)
More lettering practice.

Meditating. (Er, not--just drawing someone doing it.) I'm here: page 3.

And spending time with my favorite people.