Thursday, January 3, 2013

Journal Junking

Happy New Year! Spent the Christmas holiday break trying wanting to cram in every last art project I've been dying to complete.

Only,I just couldn't find the mojo--so I cleaned my studio instead. And lo & behold, these patterns kept bugging me--pages of random patterns & neon paint; my apartment in Paris has this very wallpaper in the bedroom.

(That is if I had a Parisian apartment...but what the hell as long as we are using our imaginations...)

Instead of sewing a replica of SJP's ballgown (I swear some day I will recreate that damn minty thing, and WEAR it. ), I tried to journal every day. Some days it was one page, others 3 or 4. Regardless, I find (found) the "Woosa" everytime.

The word of 2013: "Woosa"

(I don't do resolutions 'cause surprise, surprise, I never finish them.That list thing sends me over the edge staring @ me to complete it. Blah.) 

Instead I'll choose a magic word-a reminder word, a conscious state of mind to revert back too.I vow to find the "woosa" in every day. 

(It's a verb, but I've deemed it a noun for this year.)

One of the things I've also learned (but have a hard time practicing) is summed up by this: "Your light cannot shine brighter unless you share it with other people." 

Just to start practicing the art of the share & the almighty woosa that was attained while doodling, You can click HERE.   to see more journal pages.

No judging and if you are, I simply don't want to hear about it. I swear and I scribble. Enough said.

Which leads me to the last of my 2013 awareness challenges; to be a dynamic woman who owns her shit, deals with it, and stops apologizing for it. 

Get your word of the year ready...we've got some growing to do.

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