Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY-Talk Nerdy to Me

DIY-Eye Love You Valentines Card

I love eyeglasses and nerdy girls. I also love handmade anything and the fact that there is a day devoted to professing it to all those that you love.

 I started to sketch and was reminded of those little sewing cards from the 70's--the ones you use shoelaces to outline an image on a card. 

So here we go:  Easy instructions to DIY one of your own.

Supplies: embroidery floss, a needle, the template, and paper

I printed (and designed, really) for this particular paper: You can find @ Michael's and probably at any craft store. If you can't find, you could just use any piece of cardstock--you may just have to do some trimming.

If you are having issues printing, I've included instructions in the file. Otherwise this is pretty easy to do.

Mine in progress....

The back of the card--If yours resembles a messier version and it bugs you, cut a heart from some scrap paper and cover it up. 

I've made a bunch--you could color this little lady or leave her alone for your "love" recipient to color.

On my final, I used a rounded corner punch on the card, added a few gold hearts, and lined the envelope. A little nerdy love is on it's way.


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Melyssa said...

I can't believe this doesn't have any comments, it's so cute! I posted it (with credits) in my recent DIY roundup on my blog, The Nectar Collective. Thanks for the great and creative idea!