Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday: Mental Health Day

After devouring one of my fave magazines yesterday, I came across this sentence from an "Are You on the Road to Burnout?" article:

"It's not that you aren't a caring, compassionate person; it's just that you hate everyone. "

Yep. Pretty much sums it up.

In light of this, I declared today a mental health day and decided to do what I do. Drink coffee, read blogs, and glue the hell out of something.

(Only after I waste some significant life hours on can follow me here, if you like. )

I saw this photo on a blog I read, pinned it, and got down to business...

{Photo courtesy of Allison @ Little Lovelies}

They turned out soooooooooo very cute. While my head was occupied (in a zen-like) state trying not to hot glue my fingers together, I had an idea.

I think we've talked about my obsession with lovely packaging before..and nothing has changed.

These little bookmarkers would make such a cute gift.

{And please don't start the old e-reader spiel. I like real pages, broken spines, notes in the margins, passages highlighted, the smell of the paper, and the whole idea of a real book. Get off my ass. I'm on the road to burnout. Talk to me about the Nook another day.}

Where were we? Oh yes, such a cute gift but presentation is essential when giving a handmade present.

A library card! Yes, attach these little lovelies to an old library card. A special library card that I have designed. A little library card to go with your little lovelies that I am going to share with you!

{Download Library Card Template here}

For the perfect gift for the old school reader in your life:

-Go make your bookmarks. It's felt, hot glue, and paperclips.

-Download and print the library card. I used vanilla-ish colored card stock to print it out on.
-Punch a small hole in the side of the card and clip your book mark to it.

-I found this "Library Card Pocket" template that you could make for you card.

If you are going to use this pocket, the card fits pretty tight. So trim off as much as you can when you cut the library cards apart. Yes, Part of the little girl's body will get cut off. Just follow the lines, it'll be ok.

-For that most special reader, tuck a bookstore gift card in the pocket with the library card. And/or some homemade bookplates...I like these, but I'm sure there are freebies everywhere.

I'd say a successful (if not perfect) mental health day.

I'll leave you and myself this one final reminder:

{Via Lindsey TePastte Kloeckner on Pinterest}


Allison @ little lovelies said...

The cards are so great! I am going to have to print some to package my bookmarks. Thanks so much for sharing!

Angela said...

So darn cute! Thanks a million :)