Thursday, August 25, 2011

If you say you are, then maybe you become it.

Here's a lesson...

If you believe in yourself, title yourself, and write about whatever your expertise is in, then one day you actually become it to other people.

As I was following the tangents of the web, I came across a blog.

A blog where a woman takes daily pictures of her outfits she's put together.

This woman's blog bio reads she is a "style and body image expert". Her expertise is "leg lengthening."

{The pictures in this post are all from her daily journals though I've blacked out her face}

Now, I'm all for pursuing dreams, but there needs to be a level of natural ability if you are going to claim the "expert" title.

In my humble opinion, here's my take on how we can get her to that level.

Outfit #1-(far left) The White Tank

It appears as if Mary (I need a name, not her real one.) is a shorter woman. To fix this outfit:

-The Tank top is the problem--way (too big!) looks like she's drowning in it.
-the heavy shoe is cutting her off at the ankles, shortening her legs

Outfit#2-Navy Ensemble

To fix:
-Once again, the top is too big around the hip/thigh area adding bulk. This one is better than the white tank. I would add a wide belt to help cinch it in.

-The capri length is shortening her legs again--

-Too matchy, matchy; a necklace in a contrasting color or texture would give her a bit more pizazz.

Outfit #3-The Olive Bag

-Again, the length of those cropped pants and too heavy shoes coupled with the (again) too large shirt is leaving me wondering if she looks at the pictures before she posts. I'd scrap this entire ensemble and start again. (The bag is cute but I'd ditch the heavy necklace with this neckline and trade it in for a dainty little wrap necklace.)

Outfit#4-The Hot Yellow Mess

It seems to me that Mary wanted to wear her yellow trimmed shoes so badly that she threw all rules to the wind. This is definitely the least flattering of the 4.

The a-line of the yellow shirt peeking out under the jacket is creating the "balloon" effect on her hips. Again, the pant length,and tightness of the legging are creating the "lollipop" shape and her heavy shoes, once again, do nothing for her.

Now, here's where Mary got it right.........

-This navy dress actually fits her and creates a slim silhouette. The jacket hits her at her slimmest part, but doesn't bell out to add girth to her hips. The obi belt adds the pizizzle.

-The skirt is hitting her slightly above the knee (lengthening her legs) and the pop of red on her feet pull the entire outfit together.

-This one too....the "right above the knee" does wonders for her. And the "cinched" waist makes her look teeny, tiny. The boots (although heavy) are a great complimentary color and give her a polished look.

Thank you,

Rebekah A., stylist and blog author

{Believe me yet?}

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