Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obsessed..or is it possessed?

Once a month or so, an idea (or in this case, a little inspiration) grips the right most quadrant of my brain and hangs on for dear life until I actually do the thing.

In this case, I purchased the new issue of "Sommerset Home" (I wait for this magazine, can you believe it? The Barnes and Noble guy waves me over when he sees me to let me know that it's here. Sick. Yes.)

Anna Corba has an article on cakeplates that she makes. Forget it, I was done. Nothing but the quest for supplies to create my own went through my head. I made two as you can see here. The shop will benefit from some handmade display.

I also wanted to make some shoe clips from artificial flowers. So, I dug through my stash of bling and found some mates to help glam these babies up.

ooh, my Target sandals from last year look so pretty..

And even theses plain pumps, (notice the DSW clearance sticker still in the sole-jeesh? I must pay more attention..

At least, I can think about something else again. Like damn, my studio needs to be organized.

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