Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday. Again?

I love great packaging. I have purchased something (many somethings) strictly because of it. It's sick really...
Today, for an example. I was "expecting more and paying less" and this caught my eye. The "aholic" part of this purchase is that I don't particularly like the scent of lavender. But boy, is the label fantastic. (And it looks so chic sitting on my bathroom counter.) See? It's a sickness.

I have a whole Google reader folder devoted to lovely packaging. I also have one filled with DIY projects for me to do in my spare time. I felt compelled to share one that uses both---diy and great packaging.

Amy, at Eat, Drink, Chic is one talented Aussie. She created this label (oh, there goes my pulse again) for a great DIY present. Instructions, the labels, and where to find the supplies are included in this post. I would love to receive this as much as I'd love to make it.

On the Urban Market front, I have been replenishing inventory (it really is a never ending search for the holy grail), I'll share some in my next newsletter. Oh, you don't get the newsletter? Shoot me an email and I'll add you to the list. It includes the Market's hours, a sneak peek at new products, a diy project, and whatever else strikes my mood--only for Market vip's, of course.

One of the challenges of being an occassional sale shop, as you would guess, is getting people to A.) know you even exist and B.) know when you're open.

I googled and googled to find cheap (I mean, affordable) yard signs and couldn't find anywhere that didn't make you order a mongo quantity of them. So, I settled on Vista Print to help me communicate when the Market was open. I was pleased with my artwork, I hope they look this good in real life. More importantly, I hope they catch your eye when you are driving. No accidents please, but a "Hmmm, I need to check this place out."

Oh, I also updated the "Shop Online" part of the website. I decided I would test it out and use Big Cartel for now-it's a shopping cart program. I'll list a representative of 5 items each month and see how it goes.
The Urban Market's next open dates are 8/6-8/8--if you are in the area, look for the new signs, tell me what you think. If you're not, you can visit the Market online.
Have a great week!

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