Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday, the 5th. When did July appear??

I hope you all got to relax a bit this holiday weekend--and unlike me, I hope the pall of Monday is not ruining the last few hours of sunlight on an otherwise perfect day.

One day, I promise I will appreciate any new day given to me (even a Monday)--I think I need to reread "A New Earth" and put life into perspective again.

I did do handstands in the lake with little mister (whom I swear has grown 3" this summer), went on a road trip with little miss to scope out the occassional shops in Buffalo, went to "The Proposal" and laughed while big mister did not, did laundry a little, and got a little too much sun.

I also painted a little:

and sewed a little:

These are vintage feed sacks that I found at an antique shop in Eden Valley (where?). I love the colors, the stains, the holes, and the patina of these old things.

I also unpacked a new shipment of goods for the Market-I'm in love-again. I wish I could link you to some smell-o-meter. These babies are divine and the packaging well, the graphic whore in me is sated. This one happens to be my favorite. Tokyomilk Perfume---read about it here or buy it at the Urban Market-we're open this weekend.! See you there!

Thursday 7/9..............5-8p.m.
Friday 7/10.................Noon-8p.m.
Saturday 7/11.............9-5p.m.

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