Monday, July 20, 2009

A Little White Tea & Linen

In this little town where I live, there is a little store, open just a little each week. (Here's another shameless plug for another occassional store-a retail model that is near and dear to my heart.)

I've visited this little store a few times since it has opened mainly because I love the owner. She's cheery and bright-nothing little about her personality.

The shop's wares are a bit country for my taste. However, I stopped dead in my tracks when I smelled this little honey.

This particular scent is fantastic and I burnt the thing for 6 hours and you can't even tell. The wax is still level at the top and you can smell the scent in my living room which is farther away than the stovetop. (the normal scent radius for an inexpensivce candle);

The little store sells them for $6.94. What? If that's not a deal, you buy 10 of these little lovelies and you earn a free one.

If you're in this neck of the woods on a Thursday or a Saturday, you must stop. If you're across the world, I'll forgive you but you can buy one right here. You won't get the benefits of this little town but your house will smell divine.

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