Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Graphic Recording: Notes on Blogging

Ever heard of "Graphic Recording"?
{These people are resident experts at it if you'd like to read more...}
I was more than mildly intrigued after I attended a meeting where the graphic recorder captured three days of notes on 2 huge pieces of paper--all in pictures. All of our sales team's thoughts and words from those 3 days were transcribed into a mural.  
My heart did a little leap to think of the possibility. The possibility that my insane doodling during meetings could actually be beneficial.
The possibility of a career I never even knew existed.
As you can imagine-- fluffy, arty, alternative "notes" are not high on the priority list in corporate offices with restricted budgets.
(It's important to note, that the year I experienced this was a fab-o year of sales for our team. The laws of business are similiar to gravity; what goes up usually must also come down.)
My little spark of "possibility" was momentarily extinguished (until I can figure out the magic ROI formula) but that didn't stop me from doodling helps me pay attention.
If you are a blogger (or want to be one),  maybe my "practice" can help you figure out what the hell to write about.
{The below is just my opinion on blogging....I make no claims to be an expert.)
I'll let you know if & when I ever get to be a real graphic recorder but In the meantime, I'll keep practicing. If you have any ideas on where to start, I'd love to hear them.

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