Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year...

Graphic Courtesy of the Graphics Fairy

Happy New Year! What does 2009 have in store for us??? I can't wait to go for the ride. No resolutions-only the promise to do one thing per day that matters.

I love packaging (we've spoke of this before) but what I love more is designing labels. "The Girls" are in the shop and they needed some introduction, don't you think???

"The Girls" are going on a little trip. You see, I found the "Toy Society" and their contribution to the world is to give without expecting a thing in return.

The girls aren't good toys as they are, BUT give them a message and a purpose.... A day brightener.

I'm always looking for some sign, a blinking arrow to point me in the right direction. If I were to randomly find one of the girls and she holds a message that says, "Today's the day." Well, I'm ready to conquer the world from (a clothespin??) a little serendipitous message that I just happened to come upon.

(Don't we all have a 7 year old hiding in us? I'm going to use that as to the reason I am so wanting to make more.)

Here's to being 7 and one thing a day that matters.

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