Monday, January 12, 2009

Save a flower, he loves you.

Fred Flare is hosting Snail Mail for Charity. The task is to create a valentine, send it to them. Proceeds go to a program that creates craft programs for seniors.

Right up my alley...creations for a cause. For me, an ordinary card just would not do so I've been trying to create the perfect thing that speaks from my heart.

Bling and Pink and Tussy Mussie says love to me.
BUT.....Remember the games of our youth. The one where if you hear a particular song on the radio, it's truly meant to be. How about ...he loves me, he loves me not. Let's save a flower and make one out of paper that screams the answer rather than trusting the odds.

He Loves You, He Really Really Loves You Paper Flower Tutorial


-Patterned Paper
-Floral Wire and Tape

-Hot Glue Gun
-Letter Stamps

-First, let's make the stamen. (It's the foofy stuff in the middle.)

1. Cut a piece of 2-sided patterned paper about 3" tall by 10" long.

2. Cut slits every 1/8" or so leaving about an inch uncut at the bottom of each slit.

3. Cut a piece of florists wire and glue it to the far edge of the paper you just cut. Place on the 1" bottom you left uncut.

4. Gently start to roll the paper around the wire. When you get to the end-add a dab of glue to secure.

5. Know how to curl ribbon?? Do the same with each 1/8" strip in the stamen. This will create the foof you see in the photo. Note: You can do this step now or later. I did it at the end and wished I would've done it here.
P.S. Your stamen is complete.

Now for the petals....

1. You can draw your own or print these off. Cut out 6-8 of each size out of coordinating patterned paper. I wish I would've used more petals-do 8 if you have time.

2. On each petal stamp (or write, or rub), "He loves you" or whatevever sentiment comes from your heart.

3. Once you have stamped, turn the petal over and glue a piece of florist wire to the back of each petal. I glue abou 1.25" of the wire on the back of the petal. The more wire, the better you can shape each petal.

4. Take a petal, your stamen, and some floral tape and wrap together. Do this for each petal. Use the small petals first, then layer the larger ones. Wrap the floral tape all the way around the wire.

5. Once you have all the petals taped together, gently start to shape your flower by pulling each petal down. Be gentle and make sure you bend the wire and not the petal(the wire will poke through the paper). You can use the "ribbon curl" technique on each petal to make it take shape a little better.

6. If you didn't "curl" your stamen, do so now.

He loves you.

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