Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Jar and Some Color Inspiration

In an effort to cure winter boredom and we needed bread, a few weeks ago I walked around my favorite discount store, browsing as I normally would, and came upon the Christmas crap 75% off... Lo and behold, this large jar winked at me and quickly scurried it's way into my cart.

I brought it home, bragged to Big Mister on my bargain hunting skills, and placed the jar on the counter.

His reply to me was,with a huge grin, "The top looks like a penis." (I've censored his words to use the anatomical label...)

I looked at my lovely little jar and sure enough, it does. Damn, I hate it when he's right.

Now, whenever we have visitors he has to point it out. I've gotten more crap for this thing. I still love it and will pull it out each Christmas and giggle. (Plus, I told Big Mister that if he wasn't nice, this would be his home after he passes on to the next world.)

It never fails that on Sunday nights, I get a wind around 11:00 and want to create something. I've been wanting to start the projects from Bellarama but at 10:00-the option to start is just a bad idea. I thought the supplies looked pretty strewn about my studio...

I looked up and noticed that I can hardly wait to play with this stuff....I see May baskets and Valentines in my future.

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