Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Mind Maker Upper Needs to Make up Her Mind

Been busy thinking, wishing, hoping, dreaming and have decided that I'm tired of it. Planning is good, yes, but waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect conditions, the perfect time...frankly we could wait a lifetime and never have it perfect.

Went to a funeral last week (ugh, I know) but during the priest's homily he said 6 simple words in his Jamaican/South African/South American accent that resonated somewhere deep,

"You're life is only so long."

Profound no, but often the only way I get something is to have it smack me square in the forehead. That phrase stung a bit.

I think sometimes it's just about getting on with it..and listening to the universe the right way.
(Ahem, Mrs. Possibility.)

Cleaning behind the TV cabinet the other day, and I found this little book I had purchased at Barnes and Noble a year or so ago called "Reach for the Stars". I had forgotten about it so I thumbed through it again. It contains little inspirational quotes......

Loved this one for more than the obvious reasons..Also this piece of art from another one of my favorite artists, Denise Carbonell.

"An entrepreneur is someone willing to go out on a limb, having it cut off behind her, and discovering she had wings all the time."

-Leigh Thomas

After experiencing the limb extraction, I think it's high time to see if these babies can fly.


Stacey said...

Get on with it girl! :)

Jen said...

You've got a really unique way of getting your ideas across. It's a marvelous blog!