Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hotcakes, Anniversaries, and Banners

Where the heck have I been, you say? The trunk show I did yesterday has been consuming every free moment of any free time I had. There were so many ideas that I wanted to create and just not enough time in the day to do it all.

These "Pockets Full of Love" sold like hotcakes yesterday. (tutorial here..I edited mine a bit to use my vintage button stash and of course, some ribbon.) What I loved even more was the display board in the background.

See those gold pins? (and the bad dark photo) Love them..brads with little hooks-perfect for hanging the pockets full of love. Duebers believe it or not. Also loving the color combination of grey and this blue (is it carribean or pool?)

I realized, too, that as of February first-I have been blogging for ONE year. What? Another year has passed, another year that is now captured out here in blogland for whomever lands and starts to read.

I love banners and bunting and was inspired to create a few for the show. Either you love them or you don't-lets just say "lovers" were not in attendance at this particular event. They were my favorite thing to make so I'm secretly delighted to be able to keep them-except for this one.

Because this one, in celebration of One Year, will go to one of you. Leave me a comment with your favorite 5 letter word and I'll randomly select someone on Monday (try to make the day a little better) the 16th.

Remember my old teacup quest? I only have the "ugly ones" (which are still worthy) left and whipped this up to give to the woman hosting the trunk show. The satin ribbon covers up the "ugly" stuff and the result looks pretty cute.
A productive week but now I must clean up the disaster area I have been neglecting.


Anna said...

Lovely blog! I came across it via the Minnesota Etsy team.

My favorite five letter word? Hmm. How about sunny?

I'm now following you too. :)

Marie said...

I also came across your blog via the MN Etsy Team.

My favorite five letter word is, of course, Marie. :D

Great blog! Mind if I blog about your contest?

Lindsay said...

I ♥ your display board! very clever idea to add the hooks the way you did.
I too found you via the MN team (just joined!)

My favorite five letter word?
Gotta be BLISS! At least it is this week ;)

Linda said...

I'm thinking Stubs, one of our cats.

Krishell said...

HEART, you gotta have heart! Thanks for sharing your blog with TeamMN. I hadn't stumbled across it on my own yet. I love that display board too! I NEED one, it's gorgeous.

I'll try to blog about your giveaway this week as well!

Stacey said...

Nice work again my friend!

My favorite 5 letter word of the moment? SIGNS.

Angel said...


auntrene said...

My Favorite 5 Letter Word is.....
Thanks, Rene

Erin, maker of chimes said...



dinnertimechimes at aol dot com

Whimsical Creations said...

Favorite 5 letter word. loved

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

k8lynr said...

hmm, favorite five letter word...

i'd probably have to go with zonks.

fun, eh?


Kristin Wynder said...

My favorite five letter word would have to be FAITH!!


Angie said...

My favorite 5 letter word is SMILE!

I came across your blog via the Minnesota Etsy Team.

Have a great day!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I am a lover of the banner (where were all of us at your trunk show, that thing is so cute?!). It's a great occasion for a giveaway!

I will have to choose "child" as my favorite word...I have 3! All boys who would NOT be a fan of the banner! I need to get my girliness on before I turn into a boy!

Congrats on one year, Mod Farm Girl directed me over :) I also have a giveaway going on if you want to stop over.

Jen / Hope Studios

ecky said...

my favorite five letter word is

elkesten at yahoo dot com

Jen S. said...

Mmm.. I'm thinking chaos.I just had my four year old's best friend over for a bit and the two together?CHAOS and cute but that's four letters. :)