Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shop Love

Happy Thursday!
Retail, in it's simplest form, is buying something and reselling it. As we move onward with this little dream of mine, I've been spending hours glued to my computer searching, searching, and searching some more for the Holy Grail-which in this case, are the perfect items to stock the shelves of the Market.

A side note to Mrs. Possibility who thinks I don't share enough...I'm not ready to drink the "Hope" wine yet. It's got your name on it. After all, the alias, Mrs. "Possibility" isn't a random coincidence.
I ran across an Etsy shop that I must share. It's no secret that I love anything vintage. If it's vintage and it's french looking, french inspired, french fried, labeled as French, I'm done. It's in the cart. (Virtual or Actual).

Ladies, let me introduce you to the:

The $5 Dollar French Market

That's right, everything is just $5. And everything looks like you just traipsed through the markets in Paris.

This shop is fabulous on so many levels-I'm not sure I have the vocabulary to do it justice but think about it:

-The economy sucks. It's a dollar store for the chic.

-This style is "Oh so tres hot" right now (yeah that was bad, sorry) and they have captured it's very essence and made it ridiculously affordable.

-Their product pictures have this dreamy paris flat in the evening kind of look, you can almost see the lights of the Eiffel tower out the window.

-If you've spent more than $30 on a lot of vintage rhinestone buttons, you will love this shop.

I'll stop the chatter and just let you look:

(All Photos I swiped from their Etsy shop..hope they don't mind...)

Just had to share the love....

Have some shop love to give? Tell me your etsy faves!

Guess what? It's Friday now. Damn.

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