Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trader Joe's and Robot Love

I went on a "maiden voyage" to Trader Joe's on a special assignment for the job I do for money.

Little did I know, this little place also offers inspiration for the job I do for love.

As a self-proclaimed packaging fool (this means I will generally buy something if it is packaged beautifully), I purchased Kettle Korn (which I'm not that fond of) because of the graphics. Look at the pink and the vintage carnival graphics!

If the pink kettle korn wasn't enough, I looked up from all the fun going around me and see this:

A reusable shopping bag. But not just any "green" bag-A bag that screams "Buy Me!". The graphics, the colors. I've saved the planet and fed my addiction for anything graphic all for $1.99. If there is one in your neighborhood--go visit. You'll find something that delights, I promise.

As if all this grocery shopping wasn't enough excitement for one day, Little Mister's homework for this evening was to create himself a Valentine box.

He's getting older so this will probably be his last year of organized Valentine's celebration. He'll soon be on his own to figure out love...(she says with a sigh)

With help from his creative genetics (and his parents), this family had an impromptu "crafting" session this evening. I forgot how much fun it was to craft with your kids. It's not everyday that an 11 year old will sit down and glue bits of junk (junque) with you.

Some shoeboxes, tinfoil, pipecleaners, and junk drawer scraps and Mr. Robot was born. A door in his stomach ready to be fed with some little professions of love.

P.S. Thanks for all the kind words from your give-away comments...stay tuned on the 16th. Loving your 5 letter words.

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Parallax said...

I love Trader Joes -- in part because they do things like make cool, graphic reusable bags. (well, that and my weakness for the triple-ginger ginger snaps) what fun finds.