Monday, February 16, 2009

And the Winner Is.....

Lucky number 14 just happens to be Miss Jennifer from Hope Studios. If you have a messy purse (who doesn't,I ask?) today's post on her blog has a cure.

She is now the lucky owner of "Bloom". I myself can't wait to see a tulip (not my favorite flower) or something else other than muddy snow. Hopefully this will brighten the winter "blecks" and add some girliness to her life.

Thank you all for your 5 letter words, your nice-ities, your's rewarding to a blogger when they know someone other than themselves actually reads their words.

Happy President's day..

1 comment:

Jennifer Juniper said...


I opened your prize on friday on my way out of town and I was in love!!! The wrapping was so sweet and the banner is decorating my studio! I have a houseful of boys and hide all my girly things away in there. Thank you so much, spring just became a bit closer for me :)

Jen/Hope Stuidos