Monday, October 5, 2009

October Tour Around the Shop

I wanted to take pictures of the shop open this weekend but I didn't. I snuck in on Sunday and snapped a few so I thought I'd give you a behind the scenes tour. (Behind the scenes=not open in this case.)

Welcome to the Urban Market.
This month's theme was Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered. There are white lights running across the ceiling so it really does look Bewitching. (Provided they are on.)

On a side note, remember VH1's "pop-up" videos?? They played videos but inserted little known tidbits on the screen about the scenes. Just wanted to get you in the mindset.)

-the tree branch used in the display was not easy to get. Big Mr. literally fell on his tush when helping me gather my twigs. Apparently, fallen tree branches are rather brittle. He shakes his head and whispers, "Another deposit." Yes, I'll never be able to pay him back. Thankfully, he gets me and doesn't ask too many questions.

-the Halloween candles smell divine. A little vintage Halloween image and scents of cinnamon, apples, and something that in her words, makes Mrs. Possibility want to eat.

To the right of "Oak Hollow" (or ridiculously hard to get tree branch) is one of my favorite displays.

Inside this display lives the most divine smelling soaps. A laundry fragrance (a must for guest sheets) and a dish soap that honestly, makes people want to do dishes. The scent lasts long after the water has drained from the sink.
May I recommend Fresh Grass??

-the refrigerator is circa 1950. It was in a cabin purchased in 1958 and recently found it's way to me. I love the shape and the aqua color. I was thrilled when Mrs. Tootsie suggested the possibility of this lovely living at the shop.

North of Mrs. Tootsie's fridge lies the corner of sparkle. The corner of all things handmade. All pieces here have not been touched by any factory. I think I speak for these ladies, too, when I say the sign above speaks the truth. Their pretties add the cherry on top.

-People always want to buy the vintage seltzer bottles. See it in the middle of the photo? If you have any, they are wanted.

On the opposite corner of Oak Hollow and Confidence, lies Inspiration Corner. Blank journals, stationery, cards, just waiting for some ink. Jot yourself an affirmation note on a vinyl chalkboard---"This, too, shall pass."

Last stop on this tour, the Make Center. No explanation necessary, just supplies to create your own art. Melissa Frances, oh how I love the pink Mica flakes. Yes, we have them. Click here to see a project using them. Ooh, sparkly..I'm a sucker for the bling.

-Can you find one of the "goth-ed" girls in the Make Center?"

Thanks for taking the tour. We're open again in November, restocked and ready for you. More later. (I'm supposed to be watching the Vikings like a good Minnesotan. Failing miserably.)

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