Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Girls Have Gone Goth or Bling for your Baby

The Girls (get them here) have gone goth-yes, they have witched themselves up.

Much to my chagrin, they have mouths. Little Miss always comments, "Mom, where is her mouth?" I like them better without but for a limited time, I'll comply with her request.

Good spells or bad, they're ready.

Elphaba Mini, Miss Popular, wishing you a "Haunting Day." (I love the Wicked soundtrack.)

Since I was on a roll this Saturday, I tried a few things. One of which I'll share.
Inspired by a fellow blogger who made "bling for your baby" onesies, I, too, had to give it a shot.
(Just for the record friends and family, there are NO babies or plans for any at this house. I just thought they were cute.)

Her tutorial consists of "stencils" and paint which for me are more than nightmarish to work with. I end up with paint everywhere but where it is supposed to be so I improvised.

I have a jar full of rhinestone goodies and junk jewelry pieces that I have a hard time using and/or giving away.

But wait, I could use them and still keep them.

I grabbed a handful and arranged them on my scanner bed. Pushed "scan" and now I have an exact photo of my necklace. A little phtoshop magic, and this bling was ready for an iron-on transfer paper.

I'm sharing with you, (the blue one). If you have photo-editing software, you can create any color you'd like.

(Make sure you click on the photo to get it big enough to use.)

Heat up that iron, an voila! Bling for your baby. (Yucky photo, but they really are cute.)

More photos of the Market's October window coming soon...

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