Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yo-Yo's and Business

Bad girl, I know. Not posting as often as I'd like. Just where have I been, you say?Well..

School started last week for little miss and mister so I've been doling out check after check after check...Lunch money, new clothes, supplies, sports wear, vocal lessons, gas money..you get the picture.

Like most moms, I'm sure, I take a photo of the kids on the first day of school each year but this year...let's just say they were less than cooperative.

This is my revenge...(hee, hee). Teach them to mess with tradition.

On another note, I've been completely obsessed with these. So guess what I do when I become obsessed? Yes, I try.

So I googled and found the recipe for a yo-yo, the foundation of this statement piece.

My version (mixed with my stash of buttons-oh, how I hate to use them.) But I can't wait to wear this with a white t-shirt and jeans
No flash...


Really, I've been trying to concentrate and plan for the Urban Market's big weekend. It's Nickle Dickle Day (what? yes, I said Nickle Dickle not smelly pickle..) and it brings a plethora of people to this little town. If you visit, hope you stop by the Urban Market.

We are serious eye candy.

Friday, September 18th 9-5p.m.
Saturday September 19th 9-5p.m.

See you then!

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