Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday, Again..ugh.

I feel like I should post, but I've really haven't a thing to say. Some random thoughts until I can muster something more profound to share.

-Attention Dog Food Manufacturers:
Why must we have to use a machete to open your bags?

-Notes on Importing Goods for the purpose of resale
* Don't.
*Simple ink pens fall under the Toxic Substances Control Act. otherwise known as the TSCA.
* U.S. Customs does not know what bunting is. They are also leery of item descriptions containing the words, "vintage", "boudoir", or "creatures".

Dear Target Stores,
You must stop placing anything that contains bling in the perimeter of your stores.

Who decided it would be a good idea to give bitchy brides their own tv show?
3 words for the drama queens-Get. A. Life.

Throw a load of clothes in the dryer. Wait a minute. Run outside under or near the dryer vent. Smell that? Divine.

Why are "titles" supposed to produce awe? Name droppers drive me crazy. Another 3 words I. Don't. Care.

Photos from the weekend--

The bags--loving the shape. The fabric line is "Love" by Amy Butler. Yes, a rather apt name.

Junk jar o' bling.

Attempt at a "creative" calling card for the Urban Market. Button flowers. (Yes, vintage.)
Get to bed--Monday requires all the energy one can muster. (Muster-word of the day.)

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