Thursday, October 15, 2009

Homecoming Weekend and Creative Juices

I spent last Friday evening helping Little Miss and her "posse" cook a spaghetti supper before they set out to sit at a cold, cold Homecoming football game.

I give her much grief about her and her friends eating us out of house and home but I do love having her friends surround us at the supper table. It makes me feel like a "real" mom and I'm thankful that these kids feel comfortable in our house-not to mention the "grab before its gone" way of eating reminds me of home. I'm going to miss the girls when they go off to college. (Which isn't that far away..)

Little Mister will just have to bring a "posse" of girls when he and his friends get to this stage.

Since the shop was only one weekend this month, I feel like I have a ton of time on my hands. (This will change once I start to receive some of my November goodies-I'm soooooooo excited to share them with you-a peek later.)

This "excess" of time (I only think I have) was used to experiment with various projects I've been collecting.

I would like to challenge you this year to either a.) Make all of your Christmas presents or B.) shop only local to purchase them.

Here's a start on some ideas:

Two years ago, Little Miss begged for these mittens for Christmas. Expensive,but so cute. Made from recycled sweaters and non-matching. (Horrors for the practical people of the world-non-matching-yikes!) I loved them too.

A favorite cashmere sweater was showing signs of wear, so guess what?

It has been repurposed into these mittens. I have enough sweater left for another set. I dragged Big Mister to "Goodwill" on Saturday to hunt for other abandoned sweaters to transform. Lots of orphaned knits to turn into mittens to be found. Click here for a pattern and directions..

(Repurposed mittens at the shop this month--not my creations because I have a problem with doing things in bulk but they are just as cute.)

On my junk trip to Goodwill I was also on a mission to make these..I'm obsessed with cake plates and these you won't find at Target. They are great display at the shop not to mention they make me want to have a party. What about for your Thanksgiving dessert buffet??

No tutorial but it's really just some repurposed china and glasses and some really strong glue.

These (or something like them) for sale at the shop in November, too.

The yo-yo obsession is still with me, and so are those dang bib necklaces. You know, the ones like this.

I just had to figure out how to roll those damn roses. So here's a video that helps. And my roses below made from silk (in fall colors) that I found at my super secret fabric store.

Right now they are being held together with corsage pins because I still have to figure out how to secure them to something. I ripped the silk and am pleased with the organic way the fabric frays. (I did this one-handed and mastered it after alot of swearing--it can be done.)

Last, but never least..

I have been given the opportunity to be a part of fabulous network of entreprenuers who share my same hopes and fears, who own occassional sale boutiques, who like me, love what they do. This shop is literally around the corner from the Urban Market. When I look at my purchases from there, I instantly smile.

The first month, I bought this little pillow (grandma's brooch was included)--the Michael Miller fabric I fell in love with and of course, if something "blings, I'm done.

Last month, the poison bottles. That witchy thing again.

If you are in the hood, the Shop Around the Corner (yes, that's the store's name) is a must see. Click here for hours and directions.

More again soon....

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