Wednesday, October 28, 2009

14 Years

Today Big Mister and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. For those of you who have known us all of our married life, you'll get a chuckle from these photos. The rest of you, play along we'll take a little journey to the past.

Digtal cameras were not a dime a dozen so I had to scan real pictures. (What?) The quality may not be the greatest but you'll get the drift.
Maybe I should start with a little background. We were y-o-u-n-g. How would you feel if your 21 year old daughter wanted to get married?

Here's the engagement photo. What's up with the 'stache, Mr. Diggler? I'm also loving your outfit-very snazzy in 1993. And me, well, the thought of tweezing my eyebrows never occurred to me. They never became butterflies, but seriousy, where were my friends?

Oh, yes, my friends were here but not a mention of the eyebrows.
A few things; ew,ew,ew on the dresses-what the hell was I thinking? Chiffon scarves, hunter green? My sister still is mad about having to wear that thing.
My brother-in-law who wasn't my brother-in-law at that time (first dude on the left) yeah, someone forgot to mention to him that he's too tall to pull off a "foo-manchu" 'stache.
Beside his 'stache, one more detail stands out in this photo. The little bald fairy propped at the bottom of my dress. Yes, that's little Miss. I tell her often how special she was-not many kids can say they were a flower girl at their parent's wedding.

This photo cracks me up--please note where Big Mister is looking. "Eyes up here, pal."
Some things never change.
Yes, we are still here today-together. For richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health. It's been a fun ride, husband of mine. Your crinkles are deeper, hair is a little grayer but better..really.
Still can't wait to sit on our porch with our sandy feet while the sun is rising ,drink coffee (you'll learn to like it, right?), hold hands, and laugh like hell about our life.

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