Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Goodies and Emily

A beautiful day today, a "make you thankful that you are alive" kind of day. Maybe it was the extra hour of sleep?

I spent most of the weekend reorganizing the shop getting ready for this weekend. New goodies need new spaces. All went surprisingly well until the moment I went to enter all the new inventory in my computer--dead.

Wouldn't even turn on-not a circumstance a new business wants to be in. I'm crossing all 5 fingers that this can be fixed without the loss of any data AND without forking over a ton of money. Say a little prayer to the technology gods for me....

When I buy for the shop I envision how products can be put together to make a great gift. Sometimes, we could all use a little help doing this.

So, I fabricated my vision and created these. These "sets" are specially priced versus buying what is in them individually.
(Psstt....they are in limited quantities.)

The Powder Room Set contains 2 "ruffled" hand towels, a bar of "glittered beyond gorgeous" TokyoMilk soap, and a "chippy" (we love vintage) white cast iron soap holder. Seperately these retail for $25.50, the set....$20.00. (I don't need to mention they are all "tied up with string" ala Urban Maket style, do I?) A housewarming gift, a thank you gift, a teacher gift, a just because you love glitter and pretty soap gift.

The Office Chic Set---Working might not be that fun sometimes, but the supplies you use don't have to be ugly, do they? This set includes 8 designer files folders-Paris style, a legal pad that is anything but yellow, a pack of matching post-its (again, not yellow), and 2 Japanese gel pens. The pictures are bad, but you get the drift. A gift for a co-worker, your siser who just landed a new job, or a girlfriend who just opened up her new shop. Ooh, what about a teacher gift? They deserve "chic" for all that they do.

The London goodies finally made it here--I was thrilled with all of it. This DIY Felt Doll kit will be at the shop and online shortly. All the supplies, directions, etc for you to create her. Of course, I need to be able to know how it works and a "shop sample" so I gave her a whirl.

Miss Emily (that's really her name) is done. I switched out her star beads for ribbon, but pretty easy as long as you line up the holes correctly (they are pre-punched in all the felt pieces.) What a great gift for the "crafties" in your life.

Along with Emily and her sister, there was also a load of "pretty paper." Started this art project for the walls of the Urban Market using the pretty paper that we sell as the background. A few more in the works, but I'll share the wall when it's done.

You can get the "heads" here if you'd like to try your own.

There you have it for today. Thanks to whomever invented this daylight savings thing--It's pre10:00 p.m. and I'm done posting. Do wonders ever cease?

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Ornery's Wife said...

Just wondering if you got my email about consigning at your shop? Miller Manor Designs (at gmail and .blogspot) I haven't heard back, and always wonder with Outlook whether or not my email address is included.