Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Away, My Friends, Labor Away.

A bittersweet day. A Monday that does not require donning heels, ironing or pressing the snooze button 3 times-a glorious free day off. (This is the sweet portion.)

So, I sit here in bare feet and catch you up on my life. It has been too long since I've posted a new entry and I hate to disappoint my public (all 3 of you.)

The Market's first show is right around the corner and this is where I have been-holed up in the studio cranking out goodies that in these economic times are really just frivolous un-neccesities. Cute un-necessities, nevertheless, but Christmas is just 118 or so days away.

Creative people don't like deadlines but they need them. And doubt is just part of the process of belief.

Received the map for our spot in the show, #59 and a call from the chamber saying that they had accidentally given me the spot that a gentleman has been in for 22 years. So I returned spot #59-corner in the back-and was gifted #95. A few spots way from food which is in the front of the park and adjacent to the donut holes. This translates to foot traffic so I'm not complaining-maybe I'll realize why #59 is better but for now, I'll chalk it up to divine intervention.

(And so with the bitter part of this day...) The kids start school tomorrow and summer, as this household knows it, draws to a close.

The dictator in me goes on vacation in the summer and is replaced with a nicer, more relaxed leader. In the summer, there aren't bedtimes, supper times, homework hours, bath times. Now, the dictator has to return and get the household back on schedule.

Makes me sad that "times" come back and rule.

I look at little mister and am thankful that this kid has the opportunity to get an education, that he is growing up, that each year I watch the light bulb go off when he finally gets it.

Little miss could slow down on the aging--but it's time for her to wake up when the sun rises not just be going to bed. (Night owl-takes after her mama.)

So-relax today, create something, go barefoot. Summer is still here.

I'll be checking for flight delays and hoping the dictator has an extended layover in Chicago.

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