Saturday, September 13, 2008

In the Name of Love

Despite the fact that it rained AND I forgot my camera, the Urban Market debut, was awesome.
A few thank you shout outs:
-Debra Ann, for braving the rain the entire day. For keeping me company, relieving me to take much needed "bio" breaks, for laughing when my pin cushions became sponges, and for all the prep help.

-To the librarian and the photographer for lending me their card tables and always their luck and support.

-Kellie and Carmen-Great spot guys!

-To my "neighbor" who let me scootch over a few feet into his massive space.

-Big Mister, whom without, I could not have completed anything. He fell off the "to-do" list often over these past few weeks.

(End of the cheesy Emmy speech....just, thank you!!)

Anyone who visited me today (or Saturday as I write this) and oohed or ahhed over anything, you've no idea how encouraging that is-Thank You! That was partially my soul laying there on those soggy tables and to leave it out in the rain is sometimes a scary, scary thing.

I knew that the Market wouldn't be for everyone. You only had to take a stroll around the park to see that I was in the midst of carved tree trunks and marshmallow shooters. But those of you who got it, well thank you for appreciating something new.

Since I'm all about the lessons life teaches, here's what I learned today:

-Moms do not buy tutus, grandmas do.
-Believe in yourself.
-A little water may flatten your hair, but it can't flatten internal exhilaration.
-Some people really read what they want to see, not what is actually there.
-Presentation, Presentation, Presentation. You don't know how many times I was asked where my store was located. Well, right here, silly. If it looks like one and acts like one, it probably is one.

-Only young women think aprons are an accessory. Anyone over 55 just can't stand the thought of them. (I think you could equate it to us Xers cringing when we see teenagers wearing fluorescent colors. We know that Genera Hypercolor shirts are not far from revival-ew!) Just as they see highballs at 5:00 and pot roast on the table as hubby walks through the door. These women fought to burn apron strings-we are oohing and buying them in every color. I can see where the eye rolls come in.

-Dream Boards were a hot seller. We all could use the visual, don't you think??

One more tidbit: I got so many compliments on the "flowers" pictured above, I thought I would share with the world. These particular ones are part of a Martha Stewart kit. If you must buy them, WalMart (I know, I hate it too..unless I'm looking for cheap things to alter their original use.) has 5 flowers in a kits for $9.97 vs. the 7 for $19.99 at Michael's and Martha's website.

But if you want to make them...all you need is some wire and 15 sheets of "craft" tissue paper (craft tissue paper has a waxy coating on one side-makes your flower hold its shape a little better).

-Unwrap your tissue paper, fan fold the tissue paper (you know back and forth like we did in kindergarten).

-You'll have one fat strip of paper. Round both ends (this will duplicate the lt. pink) with scissors. (Pretend it's a paper doll, and you are shaping the head.)

-Place the wire in the middle of the strip and twist.

-Starting at the end, pull each sheet of tissue paper upwards and shape as you go. So easy and so very cute.

Oh yes, my bguides quote today (hi, divine intervention) from Confucius, "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. "

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Jenny said...

I came, I saw, I shopped at your booth. Brava! Very glad to hear I'm not the only fan in town. I had my very worn out and tired son with me but made sure to buy what I could and send others your way. Congrats.