Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mailbox Inspiration

I am a word junkie. Some people collect ceramic figurines; I collect verbs.

(Or nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns. I don't descriminate. I get especially excited, when, if grouped together they form motivational sentences.)

So, thumbing through a catalog I came across the inspiration for this idea. Their words were made from misprinted cans and the only option was "eat & drink"..not words that particularly resonate over here.

Here's a task for you..think of one word that could appeal to multiple people that has not been overused. The overused words of; happy, celebrate, cherish, dream, inspire-so tired of seeing. "Live" is in this category but I was in a hurry when I was buying the letters. See, nothing good (and in good, I mean creative) ever comes from being rushed.

So, my version: Visit your nearest craft superstore. (Michaels is just down the road from me...) and purchase the letters required to make your non-generic, non-overused word. The "Live" letters are about 12" tall, Poise are about 6".

Grab all those magazines you have stuffed under your bed and start cutting out images and words.

Grab a bottle of Mod-Podge (this word conjures up images of go-go dancers and Carol Brady) and glue your tushie off. Make sure to smooth down any air bubbles, and let dry. You'll get a great little piece of urban art-and if you don't rush...a piece that resonates.

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