Monday, August 4, 2008

The F Word and Curly Girl


I've been swearing alot lately...the f word comes out of my mouth more than I'd like to admit. Sometimes, though, the word is so liberating. I tend to use it as a reply rather than a verb--does it then become a noun??

IE, "How's it going today?" My reply "F***". Must draw out the ahhh in the middle and roll your eyes for effect. Phonetically pronounced, "Faaaaaahck" in almost a whisper tone.

Yes,that's right, say it with me.

A rather unladylike word for a Doily.

So, as I read this little entry to my inbox this morning you can guess what my reply was.

"No matter what you're doing, try to work at that task like it's your dream job."Russell Simmons (1957 - )American entrepreneur.

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Ok, so I know nothing is worth doing unless you do it well. I know, I know..but I like my thoughts to wander aimlessly sometimes and just not care. So, Russell, thanks for ruining my day with your guilt. I'll pay attention, I'll try harder to pay attention. "F**ck.

I've driven by this little shop a few towns over from me and always wanted to stop in and do a little recon. I was always with big mister and his tolerance for "cute" little shops is non-existent so I took a little road trip a few weeks ago.

The "Atelier" (pronounced at-tel-yay), a french word for artist's workshop, was cute. The store is in an old brick building on a street lined corner. The brick walls were painted white and 5 huge, vintage, gold chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling. A little too antiquey for me but I spent more than 3 minutes in there due to this artist and these cards:

I love her style and more, just her words.

I wonder if the Curly Girl one day sat at her undream job? I wonder if she ever substituted a swear word when asked what she thought?? Did she always know that she had something special?

Yeah, yeah Russell...I'm doing it. I'm appreciating what I'm learning, I'm working at it 100%, All the world is my dream job.


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