Thursday, June 19, 2008

A New Card...

Haven't created a card since Rachael's graduation card-it's easier to make one when there is an intended recipient. There isn't one for this one today (the operative word here) but married women, or just women in general, everywhere will smile. (Or those with a sense of humor will.)

My daily commute I spend thinking, singing, or listening-not necessarily in this order but this card (or something like it) came to me and I had to write it down. See a later post for the real thing.

I love cards that are made for "un-Hallmark" occassions. For example, Paper Stories has a great line called "Bittersweet"-I have the set but have yet to use them. Such a waste of good card stock. Notice I never said I didn't want to use them. (Love you, big mister:)

Anyways, the foo-foo card to the left..The line inside (censor alert here):

"What a crock of shit, huh?"

Call it a break-up, a divorce, a full moon that causes the argument over how many m&m's you should or shouldn't eat. It's life and it's pretty funny sometimes.

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