Saturday, June 21, 2008

A New Addiction, Shoes, and One Hideous Purse

"La vert est la couleur de vie." (Green is the color of life in French).

I've had this t-shirt idea in my head for awhile after I watched a screen printing how-to video on the web. I ordered some large screens and ink for my Gocco and it's been sitting in the studio unopened until yesterday. For my first shot at t-shirt making, I don't think it turned out too terrible.

I spent yesterday running errands in the little town that I live in. It isn't often that I shop locally since nothing is open past 5:00pm on the weekdays. (I'm exaggerating-the grocery store is-but it is ridiculous since I'm willing to gander that 65% of this town is made up of commuters who aren't home before 5:00 pm). Plus, I try to make the best use of my lunch hours during the week and shop where I work.

There are 3 places that I do visit semi-annually; the boutique clothing store, the coffee shop, and the purse palace.
The clothing store is hit or miss. My guess is the clientele of this place is mostly the geriatric community. I saw a lot of embroidered flip-flop t-shirts but on occassion they have a few pieces that speak to an alternate generation. They had a 25% of the whole store day (Did I mention along with being geared for retirees, this place is expensive!?) and I thought I'd check it out.

I found these shoes that are really comfy, kinda cute (for both the oldies and the X'ers), and the kicker for me (a sucker for creative branding) was the little tag that includes the phrase "Let down your hair". I broke out the green (are you sensing a certain color preference?) nail polish-I know, moldy toes-and donned my new shoes.
(Note my right foot. The 3rd to is longer than the second. We affectionately call these "tard toes" in our house. Little Mister has them, little miss does not.")

After the boutique, little mister and I ran to the coffee shop. He had $13 in cash and offered to pay for our coffees (his, a smoothie). He beamed because he got to take care of his mama. The kid knows the way to my heart-caffeine.

The last stop was the purse palace. I, now $8.00 richer since little mister hooked me up, thought we'd check it out. This store is open only one weekend a month (a business model that I don't get that obviously works for them) so if you like something the window of opportunity to purchase is small-the hurry in philosophy at it's best.
This, "hideous" as dubbed by little miss, was my find. It reminds me of something Anthropologie would carry AND it was on clearance (can you imagine?)
This little town has amazing potential to be one of those towns that people love to visit for the shopping, the food, the vibe. Not quite there but...I'll do whatever I can to get it there.

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