Thursday, December 10, 2009

Inspired by the Banner

I love the shop, but I also love creating. The shop has "trumped" creating on more than one occassion but sometimes, well, it just takes over. These little ornaments were inspired by my blog banner. The little boy is my favorite. I have a picture of little mister with the same expression. Have you heard of the Graphics Fairy? The vintage kids are hers.

I am also loving the color scheme--what is it with these colors?

They remind me of my childhood, I guess.

Prairie Dawn, from Sesame Street; a blue winter coat that wasn't a hand-me-down; pink Rocky doll's dress, and Big Bird's eyes.
Speaking of Prairie Dawn-I was looking for a picture (she was much brighter on a 1970's television) and found this--I had no idea she was so cool.
Prairie represents more than the "girly-girls," as she is versatile and creative, not princessy and sparkly.Prairie Dawn was a proud, hard-working girl before it was politically correct to include them. Prairie is a mature voice of wisdom (and freak outs) on Sesame Street, a child with determination and a hard-working attitude. Prairie Dawn knows what she wants, and she's ready to grab it.

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