Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Tour....

I've been so busy running here and there-getting the shop ready for December sales, that I got a very late start decorating my own house. So much that the Christmas tree sat un-ornamented until very recently.

As always, we hang all the oraments we have collected throughout the years--not matchy-matchy, not professionally coordinated, not full of glamour and glitz. To anyone else's eyes, it looks like a cluster of junk, a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs. But to me, our lives are hanging in this 9' artifical pine.

A few of my favorites....

This first year we moved to this little town.....

...we left that little town.

Litte Miss trecked her way across Europe, brought her mama back a momento.

Little Mister's kindergarten ornament, love this lumpy little thing.

Our first Mexican vacation with the kids.

There are a ton more but I won't bore you with my sentimentality. Agh, where do the years go?

If you have a free moment, you too, can have a book wreath. Made from an old book (or a new one if you must..) and some styrofoam.
Ran across this tutorial out in blogland (Living with Lindsay) and was compelled to give it a shot. The texture it adds is amazing and it looks great pinned in the middle of our entryway mirror. (Yes, Urban Market shoppers--this was hanging in the shop this December.) Easy peasy, give it a shot.
Have a blessed holiday season--enjoy the magic.

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