Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cheap and Easy

To me, there is nothing like a blank piece of paper, a new sharpened pencil, and a mind full of ideas to write down and mull over.

Here's a cheap and easy, but oh so la la la gift for a teacher, a co-worker, a sister, a girlfriend, a budding entreprenuer or for any creative freak who loves pretty things and needs to sort out her thoughts by writing them down. (Ahem.....)

So your supply list (which cost me all of $5) my guess is that you'll have most of the stuff in your junk drawer;

-some paper (the thinner the better); a favorite stamp set {mine are from Cavallini and available at the shop if you love them} (or your own handwriting/artwork), some pencils, a few embellishments, some tape and a tin can.

1.) Rip sheets of paper roughly 1.5" x 4", leave the straight edge of the top and bottom of the sheet in tact. It will make it easier to line up the paper with the eraser if you have a straight edge to work with.

2.) Stamp your strips of paper, or draw, or write a message on your paper. I found that the designs are more legible if you stamp them with the design running the length of the 4" strip.

3.) Tape the back of all 4 sides of your paper--make sure the edges are completely covered in adhesive. Run a strip down the middle for good measure.

4.) Place your pencil on the adhesived side of the paper. Line up the bottom of the metal of the eraser with the straight edge of the pencil.

5.) Simply roll the paper around the pencil.

I hot glued little embellishments that I found in the wedding aisle at Micheal's. You could use ribbon or leave them sans froo-froo. They look great either way.

Now, just cut a piece of paper the width of your tin can, tape the paper to the can. Embellish as you like.

Done. Cheap and Easy. I'm going to put these in the shop so if you'd rather just purchase, they'll be there.
Next open dates are Thursday 12/10 from 10-5pm, Friday 12/11 and Saturday 12/12 from 10-6.
Happy Creating!